How do we get paid?

We work for the property owner, not your insurance company. We are results driven. Our fee is a small percentage of your settlement, we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Why use a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance companies hire and train their own internal insurance adjusters to represent their interest. Under Massachusetts law, the property owner is also entitled to representation. Public Insurance Adjusters are specialists in assessing claims and negotiating the highest settlement permissible in accordance with the property owner’s policy. In fact, many leading Law Offices recommend Grenier Public Adjusters to their clients.

How soon should I call a Public Insurance Adjuster?

As soon as possible! When disaster strikes and you are in an emotional state, it is important to have control of the claim. Many important decisions are made in the first two days. It is important to have professional consultation before you make a decision that costs you money and compromises your claim. Grenier Public Adjusters is available 24/7. If you or someone you know has suffered a loss, call our emergency hotline now: 774-239-6822.

What do your services provide?

Initially we assist with all emergency services such as securing the property, winterization, and temporary living. Next, we create a thorough assessment of your losses using techniques and strategies specialized for your type of loss. We create and obtain building repair estimates, producing a detailed inventory and determining the full impact of damages are a few of the ways a Public Adjuster will assess a loss.

What is the cost for hiring a Public Adjuster?

We are paid a small percentage of the settlement. Typically, the settlement you get with us is much higher than one you would get on your own. Disasters, especially to one’s home, can be emotionally draining. Our value is not just monetary. We let you stay focused on your own jobs and lives without the extra burden of dealing with the insurance company and contractors. Most of our customers feel our ability to increase their claim amount while reducing the stress on their lives is a real value.

Why Grenier Public Insurance Adjusters?

As our many references will attest to, we sincerely care about our clients, and are committed to getting you what you deserve. All too often, we hear stories about property that took years to acquire being wiped out in the blink of an eye, and when the owners contacted the insurance companies their motivation and integrity was questioned. We feel that property owners are entitled to the coverage they pay for and were promised. That is what has fueled us for over 40 years.

For more information contact us 774-239-6822