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Public adjuster working on a propertly loss insurance claim at his desk

How We Evaluate Your Claim

Grenier Public Adjusters successfully negotiates our clients’ insurance claims because we speak the same language as the insurance companies. The tools and methods we use put you on equal footing with your insurer and substantiate your claim using verified data and records.

Estimating the Cost of Repairs or Replacement

Many insurance companies prepare an estimate by using a professional tool like Xactimate to facilitate the valuation process. So does Grenier Public Adjusters—and then we do more. We send in in an experienced general contractor with a Massachusetts construction supervisor’s license for a more thorough assessment.  Our general contractor determines the actual cost or rebuilding or replacing your particular home, keeping in mind custom-built or historic features, current market conditions, and other unique elements. We also ensure the proper scope of repairs by looking for hidden damage (shown right) the insurance company’s adjuster may have missed.

Creating an Accurate Inventory of Your Possessions

Producing a complete, detailed contents inventory for your property after a disaster can be gut-wrenching. Add to that finding an accurate price for everything from furniture to keepsakes to groceries, and the task soon becomes overwhelming. GPA sends a team to go through your home room by room, into drawers, cabinets, and closets, to document the quantity and quality of everything that needs to be replaced or reconditioned, then determines the correct value, in a format recognized by your insurance company. Our inventory team can do this in days rather than weeks, so your claim is settled faster and you receive the full reimbursement you’re entitled to. View an example inventory from a real claim we processed with more than 3,000 items valued at more than $450,000.

Documenting Your Finishes with 3D Technology

During the negotiation process, questions inevitably arise. Did you have crown or cove molding? How big were the light fixtures? Even with a detailed home inventory, many homeowners can’t answer these questions without looking—and once a room has been demolished for reconstruction, it’s too late.  To make sure our clients recover the true cost of rebuilding, we use advanced 3D technology to create a detailed digital twin of your property. We bring our Matterport camera to capture every element of your property damage, from the details on your ceiling fan to the pattern on your carpet, so there’s never any doubt about the extent of your loss. The Matterport platform enables a sharable, immersive 3D virtual tour of your entire home or business to authenticate the value of your claim.